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1、A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.对一颗不快乐的心来说,一个拥抱就是千言万语
2、There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears.世上最美的,莫过于从泪水中挣脱出来的那个微笑。
3、There is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love and innocence .人间最大的幸福莫如既有爱情又清白无暇。
4、Some people were supposed to walk into your life, teach you a lesson, and then walk away.很多人闯进你的生活,只是为了给你上一课,然后转身离开。
5、Love is photogenic. It needs darkness to develop.爱情就像照片,需要大量的暗房时间来培养。
6、In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.要想让自己无可替代,你必须总是与众不同。
7、Since the break up, do not together.既然分手了,就不要在一起。
8、You love or not love me, know the time.你爱不爱我,时光它知道。
9、A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.患难之交才是真正的朋友
10、Not crave forever,because too far.不奢求永远,因为太远。 记得我还在,记得我还爱 11、I will be strong enough to make you feel bad.我会坚强到让你们心疼。
12、I love you more than you will veer know.我比你想象中的更爱你。
13、I will always be there for you.我会永远在你身边。
14、To unmb the pain to laugh off my. 痛到麻木,才能笑得畅快淋漓。
15、I had to thousands of words in your heart.我只得千言万语放在你心。
16、I am your lucky the exdusive!我是你心目中的幸运女神。
17、I love you she loves you, too.我爱你她也爱你。
18、I want a not my hand hug. 我想要一个不用我伸出手的拥抱。
19、Time urged me to go against your life.时间怂恿我背离你生存。
20、I still remember, I remember love 记得我还在,记得我还爱。
21、Are you still in you is not love.你还在你却不爱。
22、These things can never die 这些美好不会消失。
23、Jmuped.Then I changed my mind.纵身一跃后,我改变了主意。
24、I will accompany you to eternity. 我将伴你到永恒。
25、Our story begins. 我们故事的开始。
26、Let me have been always love you 让我一直一直爱你。
27、I do yes i do, 心相印。
28、those you love most hurt you most 你越爱的东西伤你越深。
29、Take me into your future you.带我到你的未来。
30、I love you, but you silent.我爱你,你却沉默。
31、A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难见真情。
32、If we the dream everything will be ok.敢于梦想,一切将成为可能。
33、Where cold,where to stay.哪儿凉快哪呆去。
34、Far from eyes,far from heart.眼不见,心不念。

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